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Attend Rolla Parks and Recreation Department Open House
February 28, 8am—9pm at the Centre

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“I find it somewhat amusing that you [Donald Trump] are attacking the establishment when the establishment is sitting right behind you.” —Bernie Sanders

Grassroots Rolla
  (Rollaites for Peace)  

Grassroots Rolla has maintained weekly vigils for peace at the Rolla Post Office for ten years. Vigils are on Thursdays from Noon to 1 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us.


Great Rivers

Our Environment

Veterans for Peace

Stand with those
who know war best.
Tom's articles, cartoons and more
from the archives
Climate Change
Climate Change Poster
Earthday 2014
Plant a Tree For the Lorax

(video: Telling the Lorax story
and playing the Lorax game.)
Lorax Game
March 2016
Buffoons of the World,

  (open letter to Donald Trump)  
January 2016
Cruz Missile With
Empty Warhead

Cruz Missile
December 2015
Who IS On First
  (modernized comedy skit)  
November 2015
Of Empire, Terror
& Climate Change

September 2015
Gender Identity

(cartoon, myth & discussion)
September 2015
Ahmed and
the Magic Clock

Ahmed and the Magic Clock
August 2015
Poems About My
Favorite Creatures

Poetry Book
June 2015
The City of Rolla
Doing What It Does Best

Flush Money Cartoon
May 2015
Robert Wesley Nash
  (In Memoriam)  
Robert Nash
March 2015

February 2015
Keep the Internet Open
Keep the Internet Open
January 2015
A Cartoonist Must Die

(article and cartoon)
Charlie Hebdo
December 2014
Torturers “R” Us

Torture USA
December 2014
The Climate Watchman

Evolution Timeline
November 2014
August 2014
Thoughts on Fred Reed's
8 questions on Evolution

Evolution Timeline
July 2014
Brant Shockley for
Phelps County Prosecutor
Shockley Cartoon
July 2014
Thoughts on Prop. A and Parks and Rec. Facilities

BP picnic
June 2014
"No Fly" infringes
right to "do process"
No Fly
May 2014
The Iraqi Genocide and the
Veterans for Peace Iraq Water Project

(remarks at Vets for Peace memorial)
IWP good drinking water
March 2014
Why I Support Prop. A
Rolla's Parks and Rec. Tax

Martin Luther King Jr.
February 2014
Homage to
George Orwell
Homage to George Orwell
January 2014
World's Greatest
Dinosaur Museum
Dinosaur Museum
December 2013
Creation Science
Explains the Seasons
Creation Science Explains the Seasons
December 2013
Nature Bats Last
Nature Bats Last
December 2013
Thoughts on Evolution
and the Duckbill Platypus
  (cartoon and poems)  
Thoughts on Evolution and the Duckbill Platypus
July 2013
Missouri's Rivers

Float Missouri's Rivers
July 2013
George Zimmerman and Ezekiel Gilbert in a Bar
Zimmerman and Gilbert in a Bar
July 2013
No somos colonias estadounidenses
No somos colonias estadounidenses
July 2013
Teachers, Are My
Tests All Done?
May 2013
Rollover Municipal Center gets new face — Donna Hawley's
  (a Rollover 'n' Retch exclusive)  
Donna D. Hawley Municipal Center
March 2013
On Islam, Gender
and Solidarity
On Islam Gender and Solidarity
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