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“Popular revulsion for the ruling elite ... is nearly universal.”
—Chris Hedges
Christmas at the Border   Rollaites for Peace

Grassroots Rolla has maintained weekly vigils for peace at the Rolla Post Office for almost 12 years. Vigils are on Thursdays from Noon to 1 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us.
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October 2018
The Climate
and the Military

  (talk at awards party)  
Krystin and Helen
July 2018
How Global Warming Can Cause Earthquakes
Global Warming - Earthquake Demo
April 2018
The War Against Sex and Other Misbegotten Wars
War Against Sex
March 2018
Super Storm Stephanie Brings Global Warming
Super Storm Stephanie
last updated Dec. 2018
Climate Change

  (graph + commentary)  
Climate Change Graphed
last updated June 2018
Poems About My
Favorite Creatures

Poetry Book
last updated June 2018
Grandpa Reads
Dragon Class
January 2018
October 2017
No Need For A Wall
August 2017
Our Indigestible Sun
  (slide show of eclipse)  
Our Indigestible Sun
July 2017
Great Quotes Illustrated:
Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Comic Opera
May 2017
Russian National Ballet
Sleeping Beauty

  (commemorative image)  
Sleeping Beauty
March 2017
Of Science
and Marches

Bomb Blast
December 2016
We Should Have
Elected Bernie

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