This Medicinal Plant May Protect Against COVID-19 Infections

Warning: This article is meant to be humorous
and must not be considered as medical advice.

April 2020

The medicinal qualities of garlic have been recognized for ages. Ancient Sumerians, Chinese and Indians, to mention a few, employed garlic as a remedy to help protect against numerous conditions, including respiratory ailments. Today, even the World Health Organization recognizes:

“Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties.”

Garlic may be useful in protecting against the common cold which, like COVID-19, is typically caused by a coronavirus. A study cited in Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine found that in one trial those given a placebo were over 2.5 times more likely to catch a cold than those treated with garlic.

This writer, who is not a physician and has no medical credentials, recommends only organic garlic. If you can't find organic garlic in the market, there is a simple solution: Write “Organic” on the back of a sticker and place on your head of garlic. Be sure to pay for your garlic and exit the market first to avoid legal complications.

Warning: This article is meant to be humorous
and must not be considered as medical advice.

I recommend three cloves of raw garlic chewed well and swallowed with each meal. Do not inject, smoke or inhale. Do not take with alcohol, bleach or any other disinfectant. Do not apply to the eyes, skin or any other body cavity except the mouth. Do not take with sunlight. Do not take with any other medication, particularly hydroxycloroquine and azithromycin.

Besides potential medical benefits, this regimen makes social distancing a snap. Nobody will dare come within 20 feet of you. Another added benefit is that you will no longer have to be concerned about vampires.

Continue with this regimen until you are sure you are coronavirus-free. You will know you are cononavirus-free once you are able to hold your breath for ten minutes.

While I am not aware of any medical studies on the efficacy of garlic against the COVID-19 coronavirus, and there may be unknown long-term side effects to the prolonged use of garlic, consider trying it. What have you got to lose? except your friends and family.

This public service message is brought to you by the
Garlic Growers International Marketing Consortium.


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Warning: This article is meant to be humorous
and must not be considered as medical advice.


Hey, you know what would really be funny? Wouldn't it be a great laugh if this actually worked? All you medical researchers out there: how about a trial or two? What have you got to lose? except your reputation and your job.