Poems Are Made

By Fools Like Me

two poems, 2019

Lily Anne's Clock
How Time Was Born

for my daughter, Lily Anne

Lily Anne Locke, she had a clock;
All it could do was tick and tock.

It ticked and tocked in the broad daylight;
It tocked and ticked through the darkest night.

It tocked and ticked for a year and a day;
Friends and family moved far away;

And though the seeds of time were sown,
Lily Anne's clock stood all alone.

It ticked and tocked its primordial song,
Keeping time that was neither right nor wrong.

From Lily Anne's clock the stars were torn;
And that's how the world and time were born.
Stormy and Donald

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump,
One day she spanked him on the rump.
He tried to run; she grabbed a broom,
And chased him all around the room.

She cornered him; but he did not linger;
He might as well have used his finger.
Tiny, withered, bent and small,
90 seconds, and that was all.

A great mistake! (She wasn't just hintin'.)
I'd have had more fun with big Bill Clinton.