Poems Are Made

By Fools Like Me

six songs/poems, 2014 - 2022

Lily Anne's Clock
How Time Was Born

for my daughter, Lily Anne

Lily Anne Locke, she had a clock;
All it could do was tick and tock.

It ticked and tocked in the broad daylight;
It tocked and ticked through the darkest night.

It tocked and ticked for a year and a day;
Friends and family moved far away;

And though the seeds of time were sown,
Lily Anne's clock stood all alone.

It ticked and tocked its primordial song,
Keeping time that was neither right nor wrong.

From Lily Anne's clock the stars were torn;
And that's how the world and time were born.
Hurricane Sally
adapted from
Long Tall Sally
as sung by Little Richard


Hurricane Sally,
She move so slow;
Let me tell you somethin'
Ya sure oughta know.

Her wind will blow;
And her water'll flow;
And her storm surge grow;
Oh baby,

Yeah-eh-eh-es baby,
Whoo-ou-ou-ou baby,
She sure gonna get ya tonight.

Hurricane Sally came ashore in Alabama on 16 Sept. 2020 as a slow moving category 2 hurricane. Sally was responsible for 5 deaths and $8.5 billion of damage.
Suggested Theme Song for
COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

sung to the tune of
Cod Liver Oil as performed by The Dubliners


Dr. Anthony Fauci, now don't be so mean;
Please give me a shot of your powerful vaccine
They call it pandemic; it's the worst we have seen;
And I don't want to catch any COVID-19.
Stormy and Donald

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump,
One day she spanked him on the rump.
He tried to run; she grabbed a broom,
And chased him all around the room.

She cornered him; but he did not linger;
He might as well have used his finger.
Tiny, withered, bent and small,
90 seconds, and that was all.

A great mistake! (She wasn't just hintin'.)
I'd have had more fun with big Bill Clinton.


Some men who lived on Earth planet,
Said, “All of Earth's bounty, I want it.”
So each built an army
Said, “No one can harm me.”

Then they mined and they drilled
And they fracked and they spilled.
They bombed and they shot,
Burned a whole awful lot.

With heads in the sand
They laid waste to the land.
They poisoned the water
As each thought he ought to.

And with nothing to drink,
As you folks all might think,
The whole human race went extinct.

Jinping and Joe

Jinping and Joe
Went out in a boat;
They promised to keep
The whole world afloat.

They started to quarrel
To fight and to shout,
The boat tipped over
And dumped them both out.