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July 13, 2023
Dear Friends:
Editor's notes:

As I continue to recover from surgery, I hope to put out the Rolla Peace newsletter on an occasional basis (perhaps monthly).

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In this newsletter is:

1. THE MISFIT MATHEMATICIAN (Tom's column, http://tomsager.org)
          a) Russian Insurrection: It Was Worse — a Lot Worse
          b) Instabilities and Nuclear Weapons
          c) Climate Change Creates Instabilities in So Many Ways

Russian Insurrection: It Was Worse — a Lot Worse
“I have the means to make myself deadly, but that by itself, you understand, is absolutely nothing in the way of protection. What is effective is the belief those people have in my will to use the means. That’s their impression. It is absolute. Therefore I am deadly.”
—Joseph Conrad (The Secret Agent)
In the previous newsletter (June 29) I included a snippet entitled, "Russian Insurrection: Could have been Worse — a lot Worse," in which I pointed out that Prigozhin could have gone East, toward one of Russia's military installations hosting nuclear weapons.

Well, guess what! At least according to Reuters, that's exactly what he did. The “intelligence” agencies and an overly compliant news media sat on the story for over two weeks, until Reuters, with help from Ukrainian “intelligence,” finally spilled the beans.

According to Reuters' sources, it is unlikely that Prigozhin was able to capture any usable nuclear weapons, but I suspect otherwise.

If Prigozhin's goal was to acquire nuclear weapons and he was successful, it would explain a lot of things: like why he called off the insurrection, why he was able to make such an advantageous deal with Putin, why he was able to disappear, and, above all, why he is (likely) still alive.

It might also explain why the major US media have failed to pick up this story. After all, it wouldn't do to let people know how the West's extreme russophobia has allowed nuclear weapons to proliferate into the hands of a mercenary army chief.

Russia Today has also failed to pick up this story. Well, it wouldn't do to advertise how insecure Russian nukes really are.

Note: This is my suspicion. I have absolutely no proof. I have absolutely no unnamed sources. Still, it explains well what nothing else I have read can explain — and that is extremely important.

The world is a very dangerous place; and it gets more dangerous by the minute. Those who make war in our names are the ones who are most responsible for this.

Let's make peace before it's too late.

Instabilities and Nuclear Weapons

Instabilities have the potential to spiral out of control, and ought to be avoided; however, instabilities among nuclear powers have the added potential to lead to nuclear proliferation or even global nuclear conflagration.

Western attempts to destabilize Russia certainly have this potential, as discussed in the above snippet.

Here in the United States, we have seen decades of strife and hatred, fanned by corrupt politicians and media moguls, bring us to the brink of collapse and civil war. Many of those responsible for the insurrection of January 6, 2022 still retain power. But, here's a burning question: If the United States self-destructs, who gets the nuclear weapons?

Nuclear-armed Israel is in chaos now — a classic case of how decades of war and oppression, perpetrated against Palestinians, have finally come home to roost. Those who are demonstrating in Israel would do well to understand how Palestinians, who have suffered under brutal Israeli oppression for 75 years, continue to endure and fight back. If the protesters were smart they would make common cause with the Palestinians. They don't appear to be that smart.

France is also in turmoil as people demonstrate against the police murder of a teenager. France almost lost a nuclear bomb in 1961 to coup-plotters. This could happen again.

But I've saved the best for last. The United States may have already sent widely banned cluster bombs to the Ukraine in what has been described as an act of desperation. Cluster bombs continue to maim and kill civilians long after war is over. If cluster bombs today, then why not nuclear bombs tomorrow?

Any one of these instabilities could lead to nuclear proliferation or even nuclear war.

Climate Change Creates Instabilities in So Many Ways

The world just experienced it's warmest June since record-keeping began, by a whopping 0.13°C. Our oceans, in particular, experienced their third month in a row of unprecedented heat. July shows signs of becoming another record month

Somalia is in exceptional drought. Coastal towns, like Hobyo, are losing the fight and are literally being buried in sand.

Africa has experiencing devastating floods. Pakistan, also a nuclear weapon state, is experiencing another summer of torrential rains and flooding.

Wealthy countries are not faring well either. The Hudson valley and parts of New England have experienced unprecedented rain and flooding. Arizona has experienced days on end of temperatures above 110°F. Wildfires burn out of control in Canada. Europe lost over 60,000 people to heat last summer. Heat records are being set in China. Temperatures topped 40°C in Beijing.

Drought, heat and flooding fuel famine. Hunger fuels migration. Africans and Asians migrate to Europe. Mexicans and Central Americans migrate to the United States.

Climate change fuels migration. Migration fuels instabilities. Instabilities fuel war, including the possibilities of nuclear war.

If there were any justice in this world, wealthy countries which are overwhelmingly responsible for climate change, would welcome all migrants from third world countries which have made minimal contributions to climate change. But, there is no such justice.

Climate change is for everyone. The rich will suffer, along with the poor. This is true, whether or not the end game includes nuclear war.

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Wage peace,
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