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May 7, 2024
Dear Friends:
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1. THE MISFIT MATHEMATICIAN (Tom's column, http://tomsager.org)
          a) Study at Sana'a University in Yemen
          b) Where's the Rest of the World?
          c) Killing the Messenger
          d) Don't Ever Say Demonstrations Don't Work
          e) Turning Up the Heat in Palestine
          f) Global Warming By the Numbers
          g) Is Europe Ready for Nuclear World War III?
          h) The Future

Study at Sana'a University in Yemen

If you have been suspended from an elite US University for expressing solidarity with Palestinians, who are being massacred by the tens of thousands with 2,000-pound Made-in-USA bombs, at the hands of the self-proclaimed “world's most moral army,” don't despair. You have been invited to study at Sana'a University in Yemen.

Of course, if you are majoring in Genocide, Ecocide, Nuclear Annihilation, Climate Destruction or some related field, you may be required to change your major, as these disciplines are not offered at Sana'a. But, again, don't despair. Instead, you could study Solidarity with Oppressed Peoples or Standing Up to Great Power Bullying, disciplines in which Yemen leads the world. As Chris Hedges notes: “The only country that is actively attempting to halt the genocide is Yemen.” (at 18:00 on video)

And Sana'a offers courses in Technology and the Sciences, where you can learn to apply science to the needs of the people, rather than the whims of the wealthy and the empire-builders. And here's the best part: you can graduate without accruing the crushing debt that afflicts so many students in the United States.

However, if you wish to study closer to home, you might consider studying in Cuba. Cuba leads the world in some areas of medicine and medical technology. Cuba developed three highly-effective SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and is one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world. This high vaccine coverage has led to an excellent outcome, particularly during the delta/omicron surge.

While the United States sends bombs, Cuba sends doctors and medicines around the world. Cuba-trained foreign doctors return to their home country and use their knowledge for the benefit of their people. Many Cuba-trained doctors are working in disadvantaged communities throughout the United States.

Where's the Rest of the World?

As Israel's promised invasion of Rafah unfolds, choking off what little humanitarian aid that has been able to enter, 1.4 million defenseless Gazans (600,000 children) lie huddled in Rafah as famine stalks the land. Words are fine, and so are legal challenges. But, clearly, if the rest of the world (outside of Israel and its supporters in North America and Europe) acted, this genocide could not happen.

So where's China? Where's Russia? Where's Saudi Arabia? Where's Türkiye? Where's India? Where's Egypt? Where's Iran? Why is it left to Yemen, one of the world's poorest countries, to actively attempt to halt the genocide? Perhaps, as Chris Hedges remarks: it is not accidental. “You had 30,000 Yemenis starved to death, you had cholera epidemics, when they were under that US-Saudi siege; so it's very close to home historically in terms of memory.”

Killing the Messenger

The Middle-East's so-called “only democracy” has murdered at least 140 journalists, in some cases, their entire families. Israel has just shut down Al Jazeera's office in Israel.

Don't Ever Say Demonstrations Don't Work
“Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, ‘Help your brother whether he is an oppressor or an oppressed,’ A man said, ‘O Messenger of Allah (PBUH)! I will help him if he is oppressed, but if he is an oppressor, how shall I help him?’ The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘By preventing him from oppressing (others), for that is how to help him.’”
If demonstrations didn't work, why would governments go to so much trouble brutalizing demonstrators? And why would the corporate media spend so much energy criticizing and disrespecting them?

Meanwhile, The Biden Administration has held up the latest shipment of deadly weapons for Israel. No one is saying why; but, I think I know.

College students have learned a lot since the Vietnam War era when I used to demonstrate. Their demonstrations have been mostly peaceful, with only a few instances of sporadic violence, many of which were very likely instigated by the ever-present agent provocateurs, always embedded in a demonstration.

On the other hand, college administrators and law enforcement appear to have learned nothing at all, in spite of many coming of age during the Vietnam War era. Rather than treating demonstrators with respect, many have doubled-down on brutality, viciousness and violence.

Not surprisingly, the resolve of the demonstrators has increased in the wake of this ill-treatment, and many more have joined the demonstrations.

In a conflict between youth and the aged, youth *ALWAYS* wins. The demonstrators will be around long after “old farts” like Joe Biden and Donald Trumps are dead and gone. (Count me in with the “old farts.”)

Turning Up the Heat in Palestine

Palestine/Israel saw record-smashing April temperatures of over 105°F, temperatures not seen in April since the time of the first Nakba. This is particularly devastating for Palestinian refugees living out in the open or in makeshift tents. More extreme heat waves and decreased rainfall are predicted for the coming years as global warming increases.

Global Warming By the Numbers

While we have been distracted with the genocide unfolding in Gaza: The month of April saw an increase of 0.27ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. the 12-month running average has now reached 422.34ppm as measured at Mauna Loa.

Copernicus Climate Change Services (CCCS) estimates April 2024 as the warmest April on record, 1.58°C above the 1850-1900 baseline. CCCS pegs the running 12-month average at 1.61°C above the 1850-1900 baseline, well above the 1.5°C barrier set by the 2015 Paris Climate Accords.

(Note: The CCCS estimates tend to run somewhat higher than NOAA's which won't be published until next week.)

The world continues to experience destructive extreme weather events such as this year's Spring floods in East Africa which have killed hundreds.

Is Europe Ready for Nuclear World War III?

Europe moves closer to nuclear World War III as Russia holds a tactical nuclear drill after France's Emmanuel Macron, speaks of sending NATO troops to the Ukraine, the UK's David Cameron green lights the use of British Weapons to strike deep into Russia and Poland's Andrzej Duda declares Poland ready to host nuclear weapons.

The Future
“I've seen the future, baby, it is murder.”
—Leonard Cohen (The Future)

In short our “allies” are as out of control as we are. Israel stands naked before the world as it strives to outdo the brutality of its 20th Century Nazi predecessors. Europe lies on the brink of a World War III that will put it's 20th Century World Wars to shame. Wealthy corporations, backed up by governments and universities, continue to mine and drill for fossil-fuels as world-wide temperatures soar and extreme weather events increase in number and intensity.

If there is any possibility of avoiding disaster, it lies with our youth, who are so courageously standing up to the world's out-of-control militarists and climate wreckers.

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