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Wednesday, July 19, 2010

Response to Rolla Board of Public Works president, James Stoffer's intimidation of Donna Hawley
(presented at meeting of the Rolla City Council)


I wish to correct some misinformation that Dr. Stoffer gave you at your last meeting.

Dr. Stoffer states that Ms. Hawley acted alone before the Public Service Commission. He knows full well that I filed a petition with the Public Service Commission in support of Ms. Hawley's application to intervene. I know many people who support Ms. Hawley and her attempts to lower utility rates and inform the public.

The City has gone to great lengths to intimidate and discredit Ms. Hawley. She has received a threatening phone message from a member of this council. She was censured by this body for, among other things, requesting information pertinent to the very issue now before the Public Service Commission. She was physically thrown out of a meeting that another council member was allowed to attend, and then charged with felony assault.

Not satisfied with this, Dr. Stoffer now exhorts the public to join in with this intimidation of Ms. Hawley.

Dr. Stoffer claims that Ms. Hawley is not knowledgable of electric power issues. He forgets that four years ago Ms, Hawley's research showed that RMU had overcharged its customers by one million dollars and forced RMU to lower its rates by 10%.

Dr. Stoffer claims the delay caused by Ms. Hawley's intervention, will cost the City money. But, if the Ameren assets or, indeed, the entire project turn out to be unnecessary, as Ms. Hawley claims, she will have saved the City millions of dollars.

Should the Public Service Commission refuse to allow Ameren to sell these assets, Dr. Stoffer threatens to go ahead with this 18 million dollar project anyway, making up the loss by raising your electricity rates.

Ms. Hawley believes that the R.W. Beck engineering report, which Dr. Stoffer claims is a closed document, will support her conclusions. Dr. Stoffer first claimed this report was closed for National Security reasons. To his credit, he appears to have backed away from this ridiculous claim.

The solution is very simple. Show Ms. Hawley the R.W. Beck report. Discuss the findings and the expansion project with her and try to come to an agreement.

Wouldn't this serve the public interest far better than Dr. Stoffer's grandstanding and intimidation of Ms. Hawley?

This address and supporting documentation is posted on my website, TOMSAGER.ORG.

Thank you, gentlemen, for this opportunity to address you.