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Rolla Councilman Jim Williams's famous anti-environmental "peckerwood" diatribe is posted on youtube at Typical City councilman: J D Williams Rolla MO.

"Peckerwood" is a derogatory racial slur for poor rural white southerner.

According to Rolla City officials, Rolla will acquire a seven-foot-tall "walkabout" recycling mascot at a cost of $5,000. A walkabout mascot is an inflatable costume with a person inside.

Director of Environmental Services, Brady Wilson, writes, "The giant green guy that was sent around is actually just a 'likeness' of what we had in mind and the final product may vary from that. The 'suit' is more complicated than it appears. There is a frame/harness inside along with a cooling vest and a fan/ventilation system to keep the thing inflated."

My suggestion is to spend this money on expanding Rolla's recycling program instead of a fancy hi-tech mascot.

Read the entire email exchange here.