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If you think this cartoon is unfair to some who are portrayed within, consider:

During the Rolla City Council meeting of October 5, 2009, Council member Jim Williams:

  • States, "We have a major problem on our hands if we don't take care of it now ... I'm talking about a cat problem ... feral cats that are running loose - and they are wild."

  • On questioning from Council member Donna Hawley, Williams admits "I don't have a solution."

  • He then states (incorrectly), "You let a rabies alert come out, and then people will have the right to shoot the cats." and

  • "I'm tired of you [Ms. Hawley] and Mr. Sager [that's me] both."
Ms. Hawley informs the Council (correctly) that there is a solution to the feral cat problem - spaying and neutering.
Unfortunately, traps and spay/neuter operations cost money and Council has already impoverished the City, throwing money down every rat-hole it can find.

Watch video, J.D. Williams, councilman, Deputy Sheriff & cat shooter.

During the Council meeting of December 21, 2009, Council member Jim Williams interrupts Council member Donna Hawley saying, "She needs to shut her mouth." Mayor Jenks immediately calls for a vote. No member of Council voices any opposition or seems the least bit upset about this breech of etiquette and Robert's Rules of Order by Mr. Williams and Mayor Jenks. Watch video JD 'cat killer' Williams tells councilperson Hawley to shut her mouth.

At the June 15, 2009 Council meeting, three Council members, Don Brown, Don Barklage and Don Morris, introduce A motion to censure Council member Hawley. During citizen comment period, I read a statement outlining why the Council ought to censure itself rather than Ms. Hawley. The Council ignored my presentation and voted 10 to 1 to censure Ms. Hawley. Mr. Williams voted No stating that he wouldn’t give Ms. Hawley the satisfaction of voting for the motion. Ms. Hawley did not vote.

I commend Ms. Hawley in having the courage to face alone 11 hostile Council members some of whom attend meetings carrying (not so well) concealed fire arms and have problems with anger management.

The Citizen Comment Period is now at the end of meetings, preventing citizens from making comments pertinent to issues to be voted upon during the meeting, and decreasing the chances of a citizen embarrassing the council or siding publicly with Ms. Hawley against the other 11 members.

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